Welcome to VetHive Community

A guided clinical support and learning community for real-world veterinarians like you

...like you're alone in practice?

...like you wish you had a network to bounce cases off of?

...like you need a source of real-world clinical support and education?

Many vet feel isolated and lack a reliable, clinical support network. 

So, we built a dedicated veterinary community where vets can conveniently access “real-world” clinical support and education from practical specialists and peers in a collaborative, judgement-free space.

Our mission is to be the in-clinic support you need. 

We've got you covered with practical content, a buzzing community, and engaging events. We're all about helping you rock your everyday practice with kindness and practical clinical support, especially when those tricky cases come knocking. 

We believe in the magic of shared experiences, where we all learn from each other's wins and challenges. Think of us as your hive of wisdom, where the collective brainpower benefits everyone. 

Together, we foster a culture of kindness, empowering each other and boosting confidence in veterinary care. Become part of the Hive, as we buzz with unyielding curiosity, fueling our shared passion for knowledge and compassionate support!

hive mind

 noun \ ˈhīv-ˌmīnd \

: an entity consisting of a large number of people who share their knowledge or opinions with one another, regarded as producing either uncritical conformity or collective intelligence.

Stuck with a tough case? Bounce it off your fellow VetHive peers and specialists for ideas and guidance. 

Excited to learn more about topics that are clinically relevant and useful to you in practice? Join in on the weekly collaborative educational experiences led by our awesome specialists and area experts. 

Tired of wasting time scrolling social media? Hang out here instead and get your learn on.


The VetHive Pillars:

We fiercely protect a culture of support. Being kind is cool, so that's how we roll. We talk to each other like friends and empathize with each other's circumstances. 

We reject the ivory tower mentality. Referral isn't always an option (or necessary!). We empower each other to practice a spectrum of care. Practical problem solving is the name of our game. We’re here to help you  practice the best in-house medicine possible.

We are our authentic selves. The vulnerability and messiness of our real selves is welcome here. You don't have to know all the things. None of us do, and that's why we're here. 

We see veterinary medicine as a team-sport. No matter where you are in your career, there is always more to learn. Having access to knowledge and experiences that are different from your own is extremely powerful. Here, we share freely with each other for the greater purpose of helping animals-- and we have fun while doing it!

In VetHive, you'll be part of a welcoming, safe space to connect with other veterinarians and vet techs like you. Here, you'll be able to bounce your cases off of kind, practical peers and specialists. You'll experience engaging, collaborative content led by specialists and area experts who teach clinical relevant topics.

Clinical Support Groups: 

Our Clinical Support Groups function as message-boards/forums where vets and specialists put their heads together on cases. Our Guides will also share interesting educational nuggets meant to help boost your knowledge in that area.
*Note: The Clinical Support Groups are not included in the Technician Access Pass.

Weekly Themed Content: 

The Guides will create content surrounding a monthly theme. Here are just a few of the types of content you can expect each week:

Topic Dive Live: 1 hour, live, RACE-approved presentation given on a practical topic (e.g. "A Lymphoma by Any Other Name...")

Practice Pearls Article: Blog-style article giving short, practical tips on a particular topic (e.g. "Cracking the Mystery of Magic Mouthwash")

Tell Me More Article: Blog-style article giving a more in-depth view on a particular topic (e.g. "Criteria of Malignancy, Explained")

Searchable Journal Database: 

Here you'll find links to the last 3-5 years of articles (linked to publisher's website) from the most impactful journals in vet med. 

    All prices in USD. 

Are you ready?

Your Hive is waiting for you!